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What do you do for an encore when you've been at the top of your profession for over 30 years? If you're
GEORGE THOROGOOD & THE DESTROYERS, you probably take a deep breath and dive right back into the life you've
known best for three decades. As the band crisscrosses the country and hops the Atlantic to bring the celebration of their
accomplishment to a legion of die-hard fans, EMI/Capitol Records marked the occasion in their own special way-with the
release of
George Thorogood & The Destroyers:
The Best 30 Years Of Rock. The 16-song
compilation features their biggest singles, from
"One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer",
"Move It On Over" and "Bad To The Bone"
to "Born To Be Bad," "Get A Haircut"
and "American Made."
As a testament to the rock and roll outlaw's
career, the Gold-certified album remained at #1
on Billboard magazine's "Blues Albums"
chart for over 60 weeks.

"When we first started, none of us had any idea
we'd still be going strong for this long," says
GEORGE. "It's truly living a dream."
That dream has taken many forms since their
first gig at Lane Hall on the U. of Delaware
campus. In the early years, the Destroyers got
the chance to open for idols such as Howlin' Wolf,
Muddy Waters and Hound Dog Taylor.
The support and encouragement they received from these veterans fueled their enthusiasm and bolstered their confidence.
George and original Destroyer, drummer Jeff Simon, experimented with different musicians before tapping bassist Bill
Blough to join them in 1976. The trio has played with different combinations over the years, but made a permanent addition
of guitarist Jim Suhler in 2000. Currently, saxophone player Buddy Leach rounds out the unit. When the Destroyers' first
album on Rounder Records yielded hit singles, the band made a quantum leap in terms of recognition and peer respect. The
legendary Bill Graham approached the band on behalf of The Rolling Stones and asked them to open a series of dates for the
British rockers.
The Destroyers would have been happy to accept
Graham's subsequent offer to remain on the road
with the Stones indefinitely save for one thing-an
American tour that eventually would go into the
history books as the "50-50 TOUR."
This ambitious bit of scheduling took the band to
every state in the U.S. in a remarkable 50 days.
No one has since duplicated the feat-or even
attempted it. As frenetic and exhilarating as the
first phase of their career had been, The
Destroyers ascended to an entirely new plateau
when Thorogood's own "Bad To The Bone"
took the world by storm in 1982, spawning a
video that became an instant favorite on the new
video channel MTV and a staple on rock radio
playlists that's endured to the present day. "Bad
To The Bone" (from the album of the same
name) launched the band's EMI era and a
series of hit albums including
Maverick,Thorogood Live, Born To Be Bad, Let's
Work Together, Boogie People, Collection,
Haircut, The Baddest Of, Rockin' My Life Away
and Anthology. In 2003, George Thorogood &
The Destroyers released the new album Ride 'Til
I Die and are working--between lengthy stretches
of road work--on a new CD for 2006.
Throughout the '80s and '90s The Destroyers continued to cement their reputation as one of the hardest working and most
successful live attractions in rock. They headlined numerous tours and festivals in the U.S. and abroad and teamed with
artists ranging from Steve Miller, ZZ Top and the Allman Brothers Band to Little Feat and BB King, bringing their brand
of rough and tumble rock and roll to the masses. With over 3000 live shows under their belts, the respect and admiration of
their heroes and peers and a body of work that forms the foundation of their enduring popularity, The Destroyers look
upon their success as a gift that keeps on giving-both to their fans and themselves. As the band launches an intensive tour
to celebrate their career accomplishment of three decades on the road, they also look with pride on the music that has made
those years so satisfying. But they want to make it clear that they're not tempted to regard George Thorogood & The
Destroyers: The Best 30 Years Of Rock as their ultimate statement, merely a key element of a work still in progress.

Currently, George and the band are working on their new album, a blues project that will be released in the spring of 2006.
The album will feature a mix of covers and new material co-written by George and producer Tom Hambridge.

Looking back, Thorogood sums up the Destroyers musical odyssey with a tip of his cap to the countless loyal supporters
who've made their journey possible: "We'd never be in this position if it weren't for our fans. They're the real reason we
keep going and as long as they want us, we'll be there."